Grant Proposals

First time applicants or those who have not been funded in the past should initially submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI). Applicants who have received funding in the past may submit a GRANT PROPOSAL. Requests for capital expenses or contributions to capital campaigns are generally not considered.

Step One: The LOI (no more than two pages in font size 12) should include the following information:

  1. A description of the project/program for which support is being requested including the number and the nature of the intended beneficiaries.
  2. The anticipated outcomes of the project/program.
  3. How your organization impacts your community/constituency.
  4. A brief project/program budget including the amount being requested.
  5. Name, title and email address of your principal contact.
  6. A roster of the board of directors.

After being contacted in regards to your LOI you will be asked to submit a grant proposal.

Step Two: GRANT PROPOSALS should include the following information:

  • A short narrative (no more than 3 pages) describing your organization’s history and achievements.
  • An operating and project budget identifying the program or project’s income and expenses for its fiscal year with most recent audited financial statements.
  • A copy of the letter of tax exemption from the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Copies of recent relevant articles or other publicity about the program or organization.

The Board meets three times per year to review grant proposals. All proposals received will be responded to within three to six months of receipt. For questions or additional information, please use our contact form. TRF also supports scholarships. See our scholarship tab for more information.

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