Jasmine Maddox – Oregon State University

<b>Jasmine Maddox</b> – Oregon State University

Jasmine started her collegiate journey at PSU and then transferred to OSU where she received a degree in Political Science. After graduation she went on to law school at the University of Oregon and hopes to practice family or criminal law

Portland State University & Oregon State University, University of Oregon School of Law, Class of 2017

Degree: B.A. in Political Science


Why did you choose to your area of study?

I want to be involved with the law. Political science gave me the opportunity to learn about how the law and our government work together. 

How do you think being a first-generation student affect your college experience?

I was unable to go to my parents for help in relation to my classes. They were unable to understand my experience which could be tough also.

What did you love about your universities?

At Portland State, I loved the location. I loved the professors. I loved the printing allowance. At OSU, I loved belonging to something bigger that myself. I could walk into any store and find my college gear. It made me feel important.

Were there any people along your collegiate journey that made a special impact on you?

My best friend Kayla. She moved in with me when we were both going through a hard time in college. We motivated each other to get our work done, go to class, clean the house. She was always there when I needed her. I’m forever grateful for the time I got to spend as her roommate. 

What was the most impactful experience during your time in college?

A lot of my favorite experiences happened outside of the classroom. I worked a lot and never really felt like I fit in in both schools I went too. Probably because of the transfer and how large the schools were. I built a community for myself in my work and social life. now, at the University of Oregon School of Law, I finally feel like I fit in. These are my people.

How did you adjust to life post-graduation?

I went to law school so I’m still working through! You can ask me in a couple years when I’ve made it through.

What have you been doing since graduation?

I live with my partner in Eugene OR with our two dogs. We plan on moving to Portland again in May. I’m a second-year law student at the University of Oregon. I got the opportunity to law clerk for Lane County Legal Aid. I’m also a board member of the LGBT legal organization at UO OUTlaws and I’m the Northwest and Northern California Regional Chair for the LGBT Bar’s law student congress. I’m hoping to practice some sort of family law or criminal law.

Did you ever attend one of our bi-annual scholar brunches?

I did! I remember specifically talking to Diana Hoff about what I wanted to do after college. She was so nice, and I felt so welcome. She helped point me towards people which would be good to know.

What does it mean to you to have been chosen as a Renaissance Scholar?

To me it meant that there was someone on my side. Someone was rooting for me to do well. That was an important reminder because college was a difficult time. Now that I’m in law school and no longer a Renaissance Scholar, it can be difficult to remind myself that!

Any advice for students applying for the Renaissance Scholars program?

Be yourself. Don’t be afraid to show vulnerability. This is the start of the rest of your life! Don’t be afraid to apply also, you never know what will happen! I thought that I had no chance of being selected and I was!