Chuck Adams – Lewis & Clark College GSE

<b>Chuck Adams</b> – Lewis & Clark College GSE

Chuck received his master’s degree in Secondary Education which allows him to teach in the state of Oregon and internationally. He currently is teaching in Romania!

Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education, Class of 2017

Degree: M.A.T. in Secondary Education


Why did you pick Education as your area of study?

I picked this as a major because it is what is necessary to be a teacher in the state of Oregon. It also has helped greatly in my pursuit of teaching at international schools.

How do you think being a first-generation student affect your college experience?

I like to think of myself as a trailblazer. I was the first in my family to travel overseas; and now I’m the first in my family to secure a graduate degree. Two of my brothers are now following suit and are on their ways toward graduate degrees. One thing I should add: both of my brothers are older than me.

What do you love about Lewis & Clark College?

I love that it offered the chance to be embedded within a school for a full-year practicum. I believe this helped when it came time for finding employment.

What does it mean to you to have been chosen as a Renaissance Scholar?

This has meant that I get the opportunity to pursue a passion of mine, which will ultimately help shape the future of our world (through teaching and learning).

How did you adjust to life post-graduation?

Life after graduation was fast! Within a few days after completing all my coursework I was on a plane to Bucharest, Romania. Within a week, I was planning courses. Within two weeks, I was in a classroom teaching. Needless to say, I was well-prepared at Lewis & Clark College, and my supervisors remarked at how well I came in and quickly got to work, faster than previous hires.

What have you been doing since graduation?

In addition to full-time teaching, I continue to travel the world. In the past year, I’ve visited Malta, Germany, Italy, and The Netherlands. This past summer, I biked from Bucharest to Corfu, Greece, via Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, and Albania. I hope to continue to keep embarking on adventures in all my free time between the adventures of teaching and living in a foreign land.