Andre Abel – University of Oregon

<b>Andre Abel</b> – University of Oregon

After moving to Eugene from Fairview, Andre is studying Economics and participates in the ROTC program.

University of Oregon, Class of 2021

Degree: Economics


What did you think about college before you attended?

It was going to be really hard but it really is not. I have good grades and do way more in college than I did in high school. My Econ high school teacher taught me so much and opened my eyes to Econ to a point that I realized I really like it.

How do you think being a first generation student has affected your college experience?

I feel like I had a lot more opportunities honestly. With certain scholarships I was able to get that other people could not get really helped. At the same time it was hard before I had no clue what to expect.

What do you love about U of O?

I love that I can walk around my school and see so many different people and different things happening every day. Walking to class every day and seeing the same people or events puts me this mindset that college is so boring and just a grind.

How was the experience of starting somewhere new?

I would say it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. At first I just had my girlfriend so I was pretty comfortable off the bat. Also since I joined the ROTC program I made friends pretty quickly.

What is your favorite subject or class you’ve taken?

My first Econ class 201 microeconomics. It was the first class I took after I switch majors and I enjoyed it so much more than I did any of my other classes.

What has been the most impactful experience during your time in college?

Changing majors was the most impactful experience for me. In high school you’re always told “you have time to pick your major take your time” which I did. I entered college as a physics major and after the first year I couldn’t take it, so I switched to Econ. Everyone around me was so supportive because I thought of myself as a failure. Once I switched, my whole idea of college changed from this crazy stressful place to a fun place to learn new things and meet new people.

Any advice for students applying for the Renaissance Scholars program?

When applying for college or scholarships don’t be afraid to put everything out there! Tell them about at home problems, school problems, and school success! This is the time for you put everything on the table. You’re competing against so many other people so anything to make you standout helps.