Portland State University - Undergraduates

The Renaissance Scholars Program has a partnership with Portland State University. Portland State Students who meet the requirements for the Renaissance Scholars Program may apply for the scholarship directly through PSU’s scholarship application website portal. The Renaissance Scholars program offers a renewable college scholarship of up to $4,000 awarded annually (with a maximum cumulative award of up to $16,000).

Portland State is the largest public university in Oregon and offers various, outstanding academic programs. Many of our Renaissance Scholars choose to attend PSU. We are well equipped to support students financially and academically at PSU.

The Renaissance Foundation has partnered with PSU since 2007. In 2012, our trustees, Irving Levin and Stephanie Fowler were honored with the Simon Benson Award for their commitment to impacting the lives of others. The video to the right is from the Simon Benson Dinner Awards when Irving and Stephanie were given the award.

The application can be found here: Application Link. Look for “The Renaissance Scholars Program” on the list of applications.