Rhiannon Cates


Portland State University, Class of 2015

Women’s Studies and Sexuality, Gender and Queer Studies

Rhiannon M. Cates works in Special Collections and University Archives at Portland State University, providing stewardship to an array of dynamic, community-based archival collections. She is a volunteer and co-facilitator of educational and leadership programming conducted inside Oregon state correctional facilities. Rhiannon’s research and writing involves feminist pedagogies and praxes in librarianship and higher education, poetic inquiry, and the potentiality of writing and collaborative learning to embody justice, enact change, and heal individual and community harms inflicted by the justice system. She is a co-founding editor of Amplify: A Journal of Writing-as-Activism and her work can be found through the International Journal for Students as Partners, Humanities, Collaborative Librarianship, Higher Education Accessibility Behind and Beyond Prison Walls, Teaching Reading and Writing in Prisons (forthcoming), Radical Teacher (forthcoming), and other avenues. With gratitude to the fantastic support of the Foundation, Rhiannon received her BA in Women’s Studies and Sexuality, Gender and Queer Studies from Portland State in 2015 and her MA in Educational Leadership and Policy from Portland State in 2020.