Scholar Profiles

Our scholars have amazing stories that grow everyday. We reached out to some of Renaissance scholars, both current students and alumni, to hear more about their journeys through higher education. If you are a current scholar and want to be featured on the website, please email Diana and she will send the form. Scroll down to read more about our students.

A Finance major with a minor in Economics, Isatou immigrated to the US from The Gambia and started her collegiate journey at PCC. She transferred to PSU and plans to go to law school one day in preparation for public service work. (more…)

Isatou Barry

Portland Community College & Portland State University - Class of 2020

Pouya Ahmadi graduated PSU with a degree in International Studies and then went on to obtain a masters degree in International Economics at American University. He is currently a Juris Doctorate candidate at Georgetown Law School. (more…)

Pouya Ahmadi

Portland State University - Class of 2013

Haley Soller is a business management major and moved to the big city of Portland from her hometown of Koloa, HI. She is studying to gain the knowledge and skills to succeed in the tourism and hospitality market.

Haley Soller

Portland State University - Class of 2022

Casey received his degree in Business Administration and Marketing from U of O after transferring from Western. Post-college, he has been working at Adidas in the basketball division after having spent some time living in Arizona. (more…)

Casey Ragghianti

Western Oregon University & University of Oregon - Class of 2016

Angela is from Salem, OR and is a Health Sciences major on the Pre-Nursing track at PSU. She enjoys helping others and making connections with her patients. (more…)

Angela Mumford

Portland State University - Class of 2021

Jasmine started her collegiate journey at PSU and then transferred to OSU where she received a degree in Political Science. After graduation she went on to law school at the University of Oregon and hopes to practice family or criminal law (more…)

Jasmine Maddox

Oregon State University - Class of 2017

Double major in computer science and political science, Khaymanta moved from Fairview, OR to Eugene to study and “look for ways to solve the problems that the world faces. ” He hopes to run for office some day. (more…)

Khaymanta Fajardo Renaissance Scholar

Khaymanta Fajardo

Jessica is a political science student from Merril, OR who wants to focus on research and policy for education. She has a passion for bringing equal opportunities to students from low-income backgrounds.


Jessica Cobian

Princeton University - Class of 2022

Chuck received his masters degree in Secondary Education which allows him to teach in the state of Oregon and internationally. After receiving his degree, he moved to Romania and began teaching. (more…)

Chuck Adams

Lewis & Clark College: GSE - Class of 2017

Jennie obtained her degree in Social Work and is currently working as a college and career coordinator for a GEAR UP program at Roosevelt HS in Portland. She has a passion for working with youth and children in an educational setting. (more…)

Jennie Cha

Portland Community College & Portland State University - Class of 2016

Hoang immigrated to the US from Vietnam to attend college. Since receiving their bachelors degree, Hoang is working to gain a masters degree in education to teach math to high school students. (more…)

Hoang Nguyen

Portland State University: GSE - Class of 2019

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